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The Wallpaper Wizard’s Wallpaper Hanging

The Best Team in Wallpaper Hanging

Our mission is to revamp and liven up your living spaces. How do we do that? Here at The Wallpaper Wizard we offer wallpaper hanging services to meet your upgrading needs. We supply a variety of wallpaper services for your residential home, such as pre-pasted, vinyl, fabric and embossed. Call (408) 810-1025 today to speak to a member of our team. We will outline our techniques and methods and will generate an estimate and quote to your desired results.

The Wallpaper Wizard is very eager for your business. We are extremely proud of our craftsmanship and dedication to wallpaper hanging. It is our specialty. Once your wallpaper is installed, not only will it increase the appeal of your home, but it will save you costs in the long run.

Professional Wallpaper Installation

Our professional, trusted, experienced wallpaper installers at The Wallpaper Wizard offer you creative freedom in expressing color, texture and effect in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms or even the hallways of your home.

Enjoy the benefits of installing new wallpaper! Our painting experts are not only trained house painting professionals, but they are also artisans with a passion for hanging beautiful wallpaper.

Choose The Wallpaper Wizard for Your Wallpaper Installation

The benefits of installing new wallpaper is so that you can upgrade your old walls to a modern, trendy and fresh look. Transform your rooms with our stylish designs and complex textures. Give your walls a second life and improve the quality and appeal of your home. Choose a vibrant color for your kitchen, or a warm style for your living room. We always prepare the wall surfaces before we begin the installation. We remove previous wallpapers, and make sure that there are no damages or dirt to the walls beneath. We apply our wallpaper evenly and efficiently. We know that you expect a level of excellence, that is why you should choose The Wallpaper Wizard to hang your new wallpaper.

Through our use of innovative materials and experienced techniques, The Wallpaper Wizard is the wonderful new standard of beauty in wallpaper and wallpaper hanging. Our incomparable professionals can create movement, dimension and new color relationships once you have chosen your new wallpaper. New wallpaper enables limitless possibilities and proper wallpaper hanging is essential to those new design possibilities.

Our service is unbeatable:

  • We offer a variety of products
  • Our team is comprised of educated and trained wallpaper installers
  • We only use the finest materials to render outstanding results
  • We provide a high-standard of quality work
  • We deliver amazing results you will love––every time

Call Us Today for Wallpaper Installation Prices

Every job is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We won’t start your wallpaper hanging until you are absolutely satisfied with your initial consultation. Our free estimates will give you peace of mind, knowing what to expect when you choose The Wallpaper Wizard to install wallpaper in your home. Our experts will not leave until you’re completely satisfied with the job. We have confidence in our guarantee because of our proven track record of quality service and positive customer testimonials. So, what are you waiting for? If you want the wallpaper installation of your dreams, call (408) 810-1025 today!

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